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Francys Saleh has a Master's in Design at UniRitter, graduated in Fashion and Style Technology at the University of Caxias do Sul (2007) with a sandwich period in the Fashion Design and Marketing course at the University of Minho (2007), Portugal and specialization in International Business at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (2012).


With professional experience in the areas of product research and development, she worked for Grendene and Dakota S / A.


As a designer, she was invited to exhibit at the Première Vision fair, inside the Jeune Créateurs space, in Paris, where she exhibited shoes made with exotic leather.

She worked as a university professor for a period of 10 years in the Fashion Design Course, where she taught the subjects of Moulage Technique, Research and Development Fashion Collections, Fashion Project, Design I, Design II, Integration Project I, II, III and IV, Production Management and Development of innovative Products.

On her personal blog, she shares experiences acquired over more than 18 years, studying and working with fashion. The blog's idea is to address diverse subjects such as inspiration, lifestyle, travel, classroom experiences and especially fashion book tips, as it has a collection of more than 470 fashion-only books.

In addition to this blog, she also collaborated for 4 years on the Education blog of the company Audaces, where she made tutorials and talked about the moulage technique.

Passionate about fashion, teaching and constant learning, she took a series of courses and workshops related to fashion, design, trend forecaster and education.

In 2020 she launched her first online course called Secrets of French Moulage. The course has more than 4,500 students from Brazil and other countries, such as Portugal, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany and is a reference in teaching the technique.

She also works as a consultant for fashion brands, in the area of ​​trend analysis and product development.


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